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Music is fun. I love it. And I am so very lucky to be here in Seattle among this great community of singers, musicians, dancers, etc. It continues to be a great experience for me. I’ve been having a ball working and performing with extremely talented and inspiring people. They have inspired me in many ways, which in turn inspires the making of my second album to share with you.

In this new recording project, inspiration can be found not only in the ideas that have been shared but also in the actual characters I’ve met along the way. Songs such as “The Man Who Plays Piano Blues” that tells the story of the backing piano player’s lament as he accompanies singers of all shapes and sizes. Or “Song for Josephine” where the line between love and music disappears, and you are touched by something otherworldly. Or “The Tall Man Who Sings Low” about the guy who sings about Mrs. Jones: “They got a thing going on.”

This new CD will contain a small snapshot of local folks, places, anecdotes, and conversations I’ve had over the past few years here in Seattle.

I am looking forward to recording this project with some of these same talented folks I’ve mentioned. Please check out my Kickstarter campaign to help bring these songs to life. I want for you to hear their stories.

Thank you very much,