Check out Billy’s newest single
Hang on to the Happy

Written by William Brandt
Produced by Brian Monroney & William Brandt
Brian Monroney: guitar, bass
Alexey Nikolaev: saxophone

There is no change without pain. We are all feeling the world change. A pandemic, systemic racism, protests, deaths, and uncertainty all at the same time. The load is heavy. It can be difficult to stay positive.

This song is a reminder to do just that. To stay true to yourself and to what you believe in, to stay strong and healthy, to hang on to your “happy,” whatever that means for you in this unusual time. Life is hard but love wins. Love survives.

Hang on to the happy.

Billy’s newest album

Billy Brandt’s music has working-class appeal that radiates masculine charm and chutzpah. He has a voice like dark roasted coffee with a hint of cream, and his band is as sweet as the cube of sugar.

On his newest CD, Billy takes his cue from the film noir genre and uses the city of Seattle as a backdrop for his songs of love, loss, and possibility in a confection of jazz, rock, blues, and soul.


While often thought of as a more refined version of Tom Waits, Brandt – working with his longtime rotating cast of ten musicians he calls “The Thing & The Stuff” – is very much a free jazz spirit following a spritely muse like no other.

– Johnathan Widran, The JW Vibe